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Technology is driving fundamental transformation across all industries.

By leveraging technology and data, tech entrepreneurs are quickly solving complex problems and identifying new opportunities, with extraordinary results.

Established industry heavy weights with their experience, footprint and infrastructure can either be a target for disruption or emerge as natural partners to tech companies and together with them champion this new world.

Unicorn we arc

Arc The

arc investors invest in impact driven entrepreneurs and extraordinary technologies that will transform traditional ecosystems.

As investors with a background in and access to legacy industries, we act at the intersection of industry and technology.

In connecting relevant dots from both worlds we see a unique opportunity to improve the odds for success, to validate and de-risk as much as to fast-track access and scale.

Ultimately we believe this creates unique risk-reward situations.

Where We Arc

We can and do engage at any point in an exceptional entrepreneurial journey across sectors, including in special situations.

We have a preference for B2B or B2B2C solutions in the fields of Industrial & Enterprise technology, Fintech and Digital Health.

We are attracted to ecosystems that have distinct and deep sector and domain expertise and share our ambition to drive transformational change for industry at an enterprise level.

Arc Values


We are curious, courageous and committed, such as the entrepreneurs and ecosystems we engage with.


We hunt the quick wins as we simultaneously work hard and persistently on the longer shots. We want to make theories a reality, driving action and outcomes.


We believe in a simple, fast, direct and informal communication and collaboration.


We believe in relationships based on trust and respect. We count on our partners and they can count on us. 


An arc connects two points on a curve.

Due to its unique foundation and structure, it supports more weight and offers more flexibility than any straight line.

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